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15 Original Karate Christmas Gift Ideas

There are thousands of different Karate products out there, but most of them are not so great as a Christmas gift. Luckily I’ve found 15 original and unique Karate holiday gift ideas for you.

These Christmas Karate gifts are guaranteed to make every Karate practitioner happy.

1- Custom bobblehead Karate Figure

Would you like to give someone for Christmas their personalized bobblehead Karate figure? Now you can! Just send these guys a photo and they’ll hand-sculpt an astonishing personalized Karate figurine. Using your photo or any other photos as references, they can create custom Karate figurines that resemble your loved one. These cool Karate figurines are made of polymer clay and are about 6-7 inches high. I just can’t resist them! What an original Xmas gift!

2- Custom Karate Ring

This ring is the ideal gift for Karate practitioners. Both original and beautiful, the ring is shaped as a Karate belt (obi), and it expresses both your dedication and your Karate skills. The ring is highly detailed and is made of sterling silver, but can be mirror finished if you choose to. You can add up to 4 stripes (silver or gold) on each end of the belt. No stripes version is also available. This ring is available in more than fifteen sizes. That’s definitely a great Xmas gift! PS: I actually ordered one for a friend!

3- Karate Wood Sign

This beautiful Karate frame shows one of my favorite Karate quote: “A black belt is a white belt that never gave up.” The white letters are painted on a black background, mimicking a blackboard. Each sign is framed with premium white pine, and you can choose one of the six available choices of stain. This Karate sign is made of natural wood; therefore, no two signs will appear identical. Each has its own color and is truly unique. The sign comes with a sawtooth hook attach for hanging easily. That’s an excellent Christmas gift perfect for the dojo, the office or even the bedroom!

4- Personalized Karate Necklace

This personalized Karate necklace is hugely popular. It’s made of gold-colored pewter and represents a karate practitioner performing a jump kick. You can customize the necklace with your initial (letter). The chain length and style can be customized as well. You can also have it as a keyring if you prefer. This 3/8 inch necklace will, without any doubt, make someone special smile at Christmas.

5- Personalized Karate Pillow

This charming Karate pillowcase is impossible to resist, and will make any kid happy! You can choose a variety of six different kids with varying skin and hair colors. This Karate pillow is made of an excellent quality microfiber fabric that is super soft and comfortable for the skin. The colorful and vibrant design is printed directly on the fabric, so don’t worry, it won’t peel or crack. You’ll keep this pillow for many years. What an imaginative Xmas gift!

6- Personalized Karate Bag

Who wouldn’t like to have their customized Karate training bag for Christmas? This personalized Karate bag for boys or girls is available in five colors and three sizes for you to choose from. Both the embroidered design and text can be customized. This equipment bag is made of sturdy, water-resistant nylon and has a single zippered main compartment and a zippered side pocket. The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable. Your kid will love it!

7- Custom Karate Cartoon Portrait

I really like this one! This custom Karate portrait is a fun and original Xmas gift for a martial arts practitioners. Andrew is a talented artist that will draw a custom “Simpsons-style” cartoon character. Send him a quality photo of you or a loved one, choose the setting, the pose, and he’ll work his magic. You’ll receive a digital file with your cartoon character (not a physical product). You can later print it on a t-shirt, poster, canvas, mug or even beer glass. Make someone laugh with this original Xmas gift!

8- Customized Karate Xmas Tree Ornament

This personalized Karate Xmas ornament will fit perfectly in your Xmas tree this year. The cute Karate girl is hand-painted, and you can have it customized with the name of your daughter or granddaughter lettered in black ink. These adorable ornaments can also be used as a decorative addition to a gift box or gift bag. Every little Karate girl will love this Xmas tree ornament!

9- Custom Hanko Stamp

How cool would it be to have your very own Hanko custom Japanese stamp or to give one to someone you love? In Japan, people rarely sign their names – they use Hanko stamps – everyone has one. This stamp is a great Christmas gift to any Karate practitioner or school owner. You can have your name on it along with the name of your dojo, club or association. A native Japanese woman makes these stamps, and she will accurately translate in Japanese anything you wish to stamp. An excellent Xmas gift for martial arts and Japan affectionado.

10- Karate wall decals

These vinyl handmade, high-quality Karate wall decals are just amazing Xmas gifts! Each sticker is cut individually so you can arrange them in any order you’d like. They would be a great addition to your sons or daughters room! The stickers are roughly 12″ tall and are available in 15 colors. The best part is that they install in a few minutes and they won’t lose quality over time. If your kid is into Karate or martial arts, you won’t go wrong with these wall decals.

11- Karate Boys Room Shadow Box Frame

Bring a smile to your Karate Kid with this 3D paper art in a shadow box! That’s the ideal Xmas gift for them when they achieve another Karate belt or milestone. They’ll be happy to show their grandparents or friends their martial arts achievements! Of course, you can customize the belt color, and it comes with a black shadow box frame.

12- Leather Karate Wallet

This full leather men’s wallet is adorned with a Karate emblem (flying side kick), making it a unique Christmas gift. The wallet is available in black or brown and contains eight card slots, four clear view slots, and two note compartments and is held securely shut by a popper. Whether you are a Karate practitioner or a school owner, this wallet will definitely make a great Xmas gift.

13- Karate Glass

These cool Karate glasses are sand carved using state of the art sandblasting technology, resulting in a carving that will never fade off. Adjacent to the beautifully carved Karate Kanji characters, you can have your name or the name of your style or dojo carved in. With a choice of twelve different fonts for a personalized look, this glassware makes the perfect customized Xmas gift for Karate enthusiasts. PS: Honey, I want one!

14- Karate buckle & belt Set 

This belt and buckle set would make an original Christmas gift for any male, teenager or adult, practicing Karate. It comes with an adjustable black leather belt (35mm wide, 48 inches long) and a quality alloy metal buckle with a Karate man emblem on it. The buckle measures 40mm x 60mm and is a perfect fitting for suits or jeans. Each set is presented in a beautiful box, making it an ideal Xmas 

present for someone special.

15- Karate Tumbler

This Karate tumbler is an excellent Xmas gift idea for Karate teachers and students alike. Etched on the tumbler is written, “All men were created equal, then some learn Karate”. This stainless steel vacuum tumbler comes with a removable clear lid and retains heat and cold up to two times longer than plastic tumblers. It’s sure to make your loved one smile from ear to ear!

Additional Xmas Gift Ideas?

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