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My name is Martin Jutras, I was born in Montreal, Canada in 1973. I have been practicing Karate for over thirty-five years. I started practicing Karate in the '80s, under the recommendations of my father, to help me fight a big lack of confidence and a great shyness.

Thanks to the personality and knowledge of my Sensei, I knew that I had found my way. My self-confidence grew quickly, to the delight of my parents and myself. It was for me the beginning of a lifelong passion.

While intensely practicing Karate, I have explored other martial arts such as Taijiquan, Aikido, Wing Chun (Kung-Fu), Boxing, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), ground combat (grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and Kendo.

I did not study these martial arts to become a specialist in any of these disciplines, but to complement and help me better understand my Karate, which was and will always be the heart of my martial practice.

I am the co-founder of Seionryu Karate , a school that aims to return to the source of Karate, beyond styles.

My vision of Karate

I'm interested in a universal Karate, a Karate without separation and categories. I see Karate as a martial concept rather than a style itself, and I aim to return to the source of Karate, the source of martial arts before it was fractioned and divided into styles and schools.

While most Karate styles are confined and limited to a single approach (long, short, hard, soft, external, internal, etc.), my Karate 'neutral' and adapts naturally and freely to all ranges and circumstances. I'm interested in Karate as a whole - long and short, hard and flexible, high and low, external and internal, defensive and offensive, I want it all.

Effectiveness and Realism

My Karate is first and foremost oriented towards goshin jutsu or self-defense. I've always been interested in a self-defense Karate rather than in sports Karate. I find the search for real efficiency more important than the search for competition efficiency. When I teach, I transmit a practical, effective Karate that can actually help you save your life if the situation arises.

A Way of Life

Karate is not only a martial art, it is also a way of life including a holistic and spiritual dimension, as well as various practices such as stretching (taiso), energy cultivation (kiko) and mokuso.

Karate teaches how to breathe, how to move, how to behave and how to think. It contains valuable knowledge and wisdom that can but used inside and outside the dojo. Real Karate is a support for daily life.

Personal development

I have always considered spirituality and personal development to be very important. Around the age of 11 or 12, I started to question the meaning of life and read many books on psychology, spirituality, religions, etc.

Karate inevitably lead me to Zen, and I was seduced by its simplicity and lucidity - Zen contains no dogma, no belief, but instead emphasizes the present moment and the practice of meditation.

I have been practicing Zen meditation (Zazen) for about thirty years now, and I try to do it daily, sometimes twice daily. Besides being a Karate teacher, I am also a Zen teacher and the author of an introductory book on Zen Buddhism published in both French and English. You can visit my website for more information on Zen.

Japan, my second home

My wife is Japanese, and we have the chance to go to Japan pretty much each year with our two kids, which allows me to experience Karate and Zen - Karate seminars, training in several dojos, meditation in Buddhist temples, meeting many Zen Masters, etc.

A passion for Japan

I'm passionate about Japanese culture and ancient Japan, I study it's history and language with enthusiasm. I'm particularly fond of the Heian, Kamakura and Edo era, and also of the Ryukyu Kingdom period.

I am convinced that if the Western world learned more about the richness of the Japanese culture, our societies would be less centered on individualism and more on collectivism, open to the others.

PS: I'm studying Japanese and I'm using this website and it helped me improve alot in only a few months!

Private coach

In the mid-2000s, my experience as a Karate and Zen teacher led me to become, for a few years, a private life coach for various Canadian celebrities.

Essentially, my job was to help them cope with the incredible pressure of show business and the stress and anxiety related to the need to perform because the artistic community is very tough and demanding both physically and mentally.

With Karate and Zen as my allies, I train their bodies and minds, with mindfulness, and compassion at the center of my teaching.

This website

I'm working very hard on this website, and my goal is to take you on a Karate journey and share with you my vision of Karate, educate if I can. Let's discover and explore together the benefits and richness of Karate not only as a martial art but as a lifestyle.

Got questions? Contact me!

- Martin

Quick Facts

  1. I'm French-Canadian (Quebec Province),
  2. I love winter (hey, I'm Canadian!),
  3. My favorite food is Gyoza, sushi, mabodofu, Italian pasta and poutine,
  4. I love taking long warm baths,
  5. My wife is Japanese,
  6. I went to see Star Wars in 1977 and I still have the movie ticket,
  7. I love the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team,
  8. I'm buying too many iTunes movies,
  9. I'm learning Japanese, thanks to Japanesepod101.com ,
  10. I love nature and animals,
  11. I love Jackie Chan,
  12. I'm an Apple guy,
  13. I know where to get the best poutine (hey, I'm Canadian!),
  14. Thanks to my mom, I still love Christmas like a kid!
  15. I was a professional massage therapist for more than 10 years,
  16. I'm considering having laser eye surgery, but I'm too afraid,
  17. I love to draw, but I don't have much time for it,
  18. I play Dungeons & Dragons with four friends who happens to also be black belts!
  19. In the last 7 years or so, I started being more and more interested in Chinese internal martial arts, especially Tai chi.

Hi, my name is Martin Jutras. I've been studying and practicing Karate, practical self-defense and Zen Buddhism for more than 35 years.

Let's discover and explore together the benefits and richness of Karate's Lifestyle - Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Health, Spirituality and More!

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